Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Wedding Centrepiece

Centrepieces are a huge deal when it comes to decorating, and in a wedding, they are just extra special. They add so much detail to the overall look that a table without a centrepiece is like a meal without salt. So if you are planning your wedding this season here are some things you need to know about such centrepieces.

The ambiance

The centrepiece that you choose to set out on the tables ought to emit the vibe that you are trying to create with the overall theme that you have chosen. While these might also be covered as a part of wedding styling hire Sunshine Coast you can’t be too sure. Therefore you need to think carefully on what you are trying to create. For an example if you are hosting a beach themed wedding then a centrepiece that you set out ought to include elements like shells, sea sand and whatnot that create the sort of ambiance for this theme. This makes all the little details in the place come together to paint a prettier bigger picture. Of course, you could randomly throw in a couple things and call them ‘abstract pieces’ but let’s be real, it definitely doesn’t work that way. And sometimes theme-ing works a lot better in setting the mood!

The table structures

The structure of the table is another factor that affects the sort of centrepieces you can use to decorate. If the tables are small in size, then you need to make sure that your centrepieces proportionate to this ratio. It ensures that these pieces don’t unwantedly standout or get in the way of people making conversation. Similarly, if the tables are abnormally large in size placing smaller centrepieces is only going to make the entire place look bare and empty. Therefore, by considering the structure of the table and the proportionate ratios you need to select your centrepieces.


Simplicity is a huge part of modern day designing. Whether it is a house that is being constructed and designed or a dress that is worn, simplicity has become a key factor in emitting that modern vibe even amongst wedding decorators. Therefore, when it comes centrepieces ensuring that the simplicity factor is highlighted and brought out, is anecessity to make things work. Going overboard with this detail is only going to minimize the space people have to make conversation or place their plates and eat. So limit the details you want to incorporate in to this. Visit for Elopements.

The budget

As much as you would love to spend a lot on all the details that incorporate as a part of your décor in the wedding, you need to keep reminding yourself of the budget. Sure, it might be nice to have all that you want, but you need to keep going ahead with life even after your big day. So, if you bust all your money on just one day you are definitely going to end up regretting!Take the above factors in to account and be smart about the centrepieces you choose!